Our Wild Cats 101 blog series is here to answer all your wild cat questions and wishes. First, we have a frequently asked question on Panthera social media; what is the difference between a jaguar and a leopard? Keep reading to learn more about these two species of big cats!

These pets may look similar but they are two very different species. The easiest way to identify them is to ask where you are. This is because leopards live in Africa (and parts of Asia) while leopards are located on the other side of the globe throughout Central and South America.

Apart from geography, these two big cats have other distinctive behaviors. If big cats had superhero personas, leopards would be Spider-Man and jaguars would be Aquaman. Leopards are the only wild cats known to drag their prey from trees. They do this to protect themselves and their food from lions and other predators who may try to steal it. The “great power” of the jaguar is that it is the aquatic life of all seven major cats. They can thrive in a wide variety of wetlands including flooded forests and wetlands of the Brazilian Pantanal.

These two big cats are also different in their hunting behavior. Leopards use their ability to hunt predators such as the impala and the springbok, killing their prey with a sting in the throat or back of the neck. Jaguars, on the other hand, use their powerful jaws to crush skulls of species such as capybara, peccaries, and reptiles.

If you look closely, you can easily see the difference between the coats of these two big cats. While leopards are covered with sturdy surfaces and rosettes, jaguars play blocky rosettes with distinctive interiors. There is another physical difference between the two as well. Jaguars on average have more material and are heavier than tigers and have different restrictions on their heads. Leopards have soft structures and long tails that help in their arboreal journey.

Even experts can take a long time to decide whether a leopard or a jaguar, depending on the image and what it shows. All in rosettes! If you get a glimpse of the cat side, bingo, you have a sacred vision of the difference: jaguars are spotted in the middle.

About The Black Panther

Leopard And Jaguar Difference

The black panther is not a different kind of big cat, rather, it is a name given to certain black cats, called melanism. Both jaguars and leopards (and many other species of wild cats) can manifest this melanism. This has led to the term “black panther” being used to describe both leopards and leopards over time.

These black cats still have their spots and in the right light, you can see them under their black color. Black leopards are a common sight in tropical Asia and the mountain forests of Africa. It is very rare to find pictures of melanistic jaguars and they are more common in tropical forests than in the northern part of their range.

Black leopards are a common sight in tropical Asia and the mountain forests of Africa.

Leopard And Jaguar Difference

In the Americas, Panthera helped build the brave Jaguar Corridor Initiative to connect mid-jaguars from Mexico to Argentina. We lead or support efforts in twelve jaguar provinces. These include conserving shelter, preventing poaching, and working with communities to increase tolerance for these big cats through education and farms to combat rape. We are proud to be a major contributor to the Jaguar 2030 Roadmap; a comprehensive effort involving international governments, organizations, local communities, and the private sector with a shared view of conserving jaguars and their vital ecosystems.

Our leopard activity is growing again Panthera and its partners are building monitoring networks that can track changes in tiger lists to create better management systems. We also work everywhere to remove traps and to prevent the hunting of leopards and their prey. In the years to come, we will continue to expand our important tiger conservation work which includes protecting the environment, reducing poaching, and working with communities to provide more sensible alternatives instead of using real leopard skins in traditional ceremonies.

Are leopards and jaguars the same species

Leopard And Jaguar Difference

We recently wrote about leopard and leopard, and recently we had readers asking about the jaguar v leopard, and whether they are the same animal.

It is easy to see why people confuse jaguars with leopards, as they look so much alike. Both animals are large, muscular cats with spotted coats lurking in the background.

At first glance, it is understandable to make the mistake of a jaguar and a leopard – or vice versa – but there are signs that the big cat is a leopard or a jaguar. One difference between a jaguar and a leopard is the appearance of a cat, and the other is a matter of behavior and nature.

Before we consider the differences between the jaguar and the leopard, it is important to note the similarities between the two predators:

They are both members of the Panthera breed, making them the only true big cat near the lion and leopard. Interesting fact – these four cats are the only animals that can or do roar!

Both leopards and jaguars are professional predators that successfully defend their habitat and live alone. If you see more than one jaguar or leopard together it will be a mating pair or mother with kids.

Sadly, both jaguars and leopards are endangered species, with a dramatic decline in population in recent decades. Leopards are considered endangered on the IUCN red list while jaguars are under threat.

So what is the difference between a leopard and a jaguar? Below we break down these differences into three categories – scope & location, physical differences, and behavioral differences. Learn and understand how leopards and leopards are different!

Distance and location

In the wild, jaguars and leopards do not coexist as they live on completely different continents.

Leopards are native to Africa, parts of the Middle East, and Asia from Sri Lanka up through India to China. Most wild leopards live in East and South Africa.

Wild leopards live only in South and Central America, and most of the population lives in the Amazon.

Both cats are flexible hunters, unable to survive in many different environments. Until the 21st century, both cats had larger areas, jaguars living in the mountains and deserts of the southern USA and leopards found in Europe, Japan, and Russia’s snow forests.

Today African tigers are generally savanna animals, living in grasslands and trees. Jaguars are usually found only in the deepest parts of the rainforest.

Difference between jaguar and leopard

Leopard And Jaguar Difference

The jaguar and the leopard are the same lengths, and the jaguar is just a few inches above the shoulder.

As well as being larger, jaguars are larger cats than leopards, with males weighing up to 120 kg compared to 80k male leopards. Jaguars are the largest cats in the collection, and leopards are the smallest cats in the world (behind lions and tigers).

Female jaguars are usually about 10% lighter than males, while female leopards maybe 30% lighter than males.

Head size and posture

Leopard And Jaguar Difference

The size and shape of the head are different enough between the two cats to allow you to express the difference visually.

Leopards have small, angular heads with sharp cheekbones and clearly defined lines. In contrast, jaguars have large heads and round faces, with less prominent ears.

Due to the species of predators and the method of killing each favorite species, the jaguar has a very broad forehead and a wide jaw. The jaguar’s large jaw and teeth give it more power to bite than any other mammal, allowing it to pierce the arms of caiman and tortoises.

Body shape and height

Leopard And Jaguar Difference

Body shape is one of the most significant differences between the jaguar and the leopard.

Jaguars are sturdy animals with broad shoulders and short, rounded bodies. Their bellies are like barrels, making them look like they are well fed, or pregnant.

Leopards have long, thin bodies that are thinner than a jaguar. This slender figure and their long tail make the leopard a very fast animal, excellent for climbing, and capable of speeding.

Leopard and Jaguar Tail Length

Leopard And Jaguar Difference

Tail length is another visible feature that separates leopards from jaguars and Leopards are much more arboreal than jaguars and have long feline tails to help them balance when in the trees. Jaguars have very short tails to match their strong texture


At first glance, the leopards and jaguars both have the same beautiful rosette pattern on all their fur – thick, round rose-like clusters, with flat spots on a clear coat.

Look closely and you will see that these rosettes are slightly different. Leopard rosettes are small, not very heavy, and close together. Jaguar flowers are large, and in the center of each rosette, there is a single black spot.

Both jaguars and leopards may have black rosettes in gold, or in some cases, the fur may be (almost) completely black.

So what is a black panther – leopard or jaguar?

In both cases there is a sense of black fur, and, instead, confusing, black panthers can be leopards or jaguars.

This unusual color comes from a genetic mutation called melanism, which produces a surplus pigment called melanin that causes hair to turn black. One scientist believes that the color black is the result of evolution, providing better concealment when hunting in very low light.

if you look closely at any black panther you will see the rosette pattern is still visible but obscured by the black color where the red color should be.

Because melanism is hereditary, one of the parents has to be a black panther for the kid to be a black panther.

Jaguar v leopard behavior differences

Tigers are a cat that eats a wide variety of food, and they eat a lot of any animal they come in contact with – from deer and elk to birds, lizards, fish… and even dung! Unlike the jaguar, the leopard is not it is actually an apex predator and is sometimes attacked by lions.

Jaguars also eat a variety of species but do not have as much food as a tiger. Their diet relies heavily on reptiles including tortoises and tortoises, caimans, and snakes.

How to kill

Both jaguars and leopards prefer predictive hunting and ambush.

Leopards often kill their prey by biting their throats or mouths. Jaguars prefer to kill by using the dog’s teeth to pierce the skull of a predator or to cut off the spinal column with a sharp bite behind the neck.

The love of water

Leopard And Jaguar Difference

Both cats are skilled swimmers, but leopards do not like water and will avoid them when they can.

Jaguars – on the other hand, like leopards – thrive in the water and near water, often hunting for caimans and anacondas, and even crawling for big fish.

Tree climbing skills

Leopard And Jaguar Difference

Both cats can climb trees, although jaguars are not as fast on trees as leopards.

Leopards often raise their prey from a tree to protect it from predators. They also spend time relaxing and sleeping in the trees, as well as extremely skilled climbers.

Jaguars are locally hunting animals and do not need to hide their prey or stay safe by climbing trees, so spend most of their time on hard ground.

Years of independence

Leopards have been observed in the wild to gain independence from their mothers at an early age than leopards.

Female jaguars leave their mother at about 14-15 months and male jaguars about 18-20 months vs male and female leopards leave their mothers at about 18-24 months old.

Leopard vs jaguar battle – which one can win?

OK, so the question to consider – which one can win the battle between the leopard and the jaguar?

Both leopards and jaguars are fast runners, can climb trees and swim, so it can be the ultimate fight!

As we have seen, jaguars survive and are stronger than leopards. Jaguars also have the strongest bite of any big cat – they can break a bone with just one bite. These facts would probably make the jaguar able to cope with any battle between the two predators, making leopards the winners!

And that is the lot of this jaguar leopard combination v. What do you think – is there any difference between a leopard and a leopard? Any differences we should add to this post? Let us know in the comments section below!


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