In this Blog, we have described that Plateaus are useful to us, so let us discuss it in this Blog. 

So the Plateau is Important to us for the Minerals and also essential to us for Rich minerals to find industrial use. 

Plateau is rich in minerals to use for us; for example, copper, gold, and Iron or diamond are found in the African Plateau, and the Chotanagpur plateau is rich in Iron, Magnese, and Copper. 

So these are the facts that Plateaus is helpful to us. 

How are Plateaus Useful To Us For Class 6?

How are Plateaus Useful To Us?

Plateau is an available Home for the tribal communities and for animals to live their life. Plateau is necessary for the greenies for animals and chirping birds. 

Some of the Plateaus are rich in Natural Minerals. For example, wood, Copper, Magnese, Diamond, Sulphur, silver, Coal, and Mines; are the things and activities that are useful in Plateaus. 

Basically, it’s Reading to understand easily for class 6 students that things are useful Plateau for us. 

Plateau is Useful for producing raw materials and the purpose of agriculture—plowing, irrigation, and harvesting for farmers who live near the Plateau. For example, the Chhota Nagpur plateau half area is located in Jharkhand, Odissa, West Bengal, and Bihar; these are the Place is located in rural areas. Chhota Nagpur is famous for its rich Minerals in Uttar Pradesh. 

The Types of Plateaus are useful to Us

How are Plateaus Useful To Us?

There are two main types of Plateau Peninsular Plateau and the Deccan Plateau. 

Peninsular Plateau is located in southern India; this Plateau is composed of igneous and metamorphic rocks and is bounded by the eastern ghats of the east and western ghats of the west. This Plateau is useful because rich in minerals and rich for agricultural practices. 

The Deccan Plateau is Located in the region of southern India. The eastern ghats bound its area to the east and the western ghats to the west; this Plateau is also helpful to us because of the Natural Resources and Natural Minerals like Wood, Fuel, and other minerals like copper and copper sulfate, and Iron are present to this Plateau. The Deccan Plateau is home to the indigenous tribal communities for the purpose of living and hunting to eating food. 

The Importance of Plateaus is Useful To Us

How are Plateaus Useful To Us?

The Importance of the Plateau is that it is rich in minerals also to found some metallic items and metallic minerals to help our country’s economy for industrial use. Some of the important benefits for the tribal communities for the practices of hunters and agricultural processes. 

Parts of forests are present in some plateaus that are found in animals and birds; the importance of plateaus for animals and birds to saving wildlife. These species of animals are found in the Plateau: leopard, jungle cat, Monkey, Baboon, chimpanzee, and elephant. These are the animals found in Plateau; this is an important factor for this kind of animal species. 

Therefore, these processes and practices are essential for us in the living purpose and usable for natural resources. 


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