Geography is a study of earth science which intract between physical and Human phenomina and it is a subject of all Mothers of all Science . Term of Geography is derived from Greek  Latin word Geo Means Earth and graphy Means Study.  It  is also a Place Between People and their  Enviroments . Geographers  Explore the physical proporties  the surface of earth.  The Geography is divide into two main branches.

1.Physical Geography

2. Human Gography


It is a study of physical features and  geographic features. In land forms, Water Bodies, climates , soils , and plants. Physical  Geography Includes the study of  Earth and physical  features Including Rivers, Mountains ,Oceans, Weathers  And Others Features such as waters falls.



The Earth is Made Up of Hundered Type of Physical geographic Features Without any Complete Understanding. What these Features are and the They have on the World People and Land scape, WE Cannot Fully  Understand  Our world . According To physical geography. Earth is A shape of an Orange . And  Shape of geoid . This is the major reasons That geographers Study the physical World to learn how it works.  It is a branch and study of natural science the study of process like , water fall, volcanic eruptions, and some natural environment like atmosphere, hydroshere, biosphere, and geosphere it is a study related to physical geography.


 Human Geography is the study of the world’s human geographic features people, communities, And land scapes. It is a second branch of geography . Peoples are also part of the world of human geography. The physical world is a part of the puzzle of geography human geography Consists of a number of subcategory. Elements of human activity and organizations For examples- cultural geography, economic geography , Historical geography, Health geography,  political geography, population geography, rural geography, social geography, transport  geography, and urban geography, it is a part of human geography. And it relates the study of human use and understanding of the whole world and the process which have affected it human geography differs from physical geography that it focuses on the built environment and how the space is created  viewed, to use  and managed by humans as well as influences humans on the space they occupy.


Human Geography is helpful for study how peoples in Various places Adress their needs they looks at the foods peoples Eat and the types of Governments they forms. The kind of knowledge. They gather can help people improves their Land scape and situations

Others Field Of Geography

Physical Geography and Human Geography are the two main fields. Many other fields of Geography. Can exist and be devoted to studying one aspect of the is a systematic study about the universe and its features. Geography has been associated with geographer have some proficiency in mathematics and art, and very much study about locations that deals with longitude and latitudes. Geography is concerned with the description and explanation of the areal differentiation of the surface of earth.


Cartography is a science of making maps. You have seen practically how maps are important to the study of geography. Without maps geographers would not study to understand where things are in the world. In the past maps were always drawn by hand. Many were not accurate today, though, most of the maps are made using computers and satellite images. Through the advances in map making. For example, Road maps are used by people who are planning long trips.


Have you ever seen the report of weather in  television. It is a part of the branch of geography. This branch is known as meteorology meteorologist study weather patterns in a particular area. Then to use the information to predict what the weather will be like in the coming days, their weak world for people plan what to wear and what to do any given day at the same time their work. Meteorologists live to  predict the arrival of terrible storms and heavy rainfall in which cause heavy floods. These predictions are also among the most visible ways in which the work of geographers affects our lives everyday.

Eratosthenes The Father of Geography

Eratosthenes, is a father of geography he was a first person to use the word geography and he also a small scale notion of the planet that helped to determine the circumference of the earth. he had created an accurate world map for the first time.

  1.  He was multitalented he was an ancient green Mathematician, and geographer, poet, and astronomer
  2.  He had calculated the circumference of the earth without leaving place Egypt.
  3.  The ancient Greek scholar is called a father of geography
  4.  He invented the discipline of geography including terminology, it is used day today in daily life.

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